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The planned concerts during 2022 involves a Povel Ramel consert (since he should have been 100 years old in 2022) and a Christmas concert.

Our invitation of our earlier acquaintances, the Brittish composer, conductor & arranger John Rutter is postponed to 2023..
We will do this program together with our friends in Domkyrkans Kammarkör.
More info will come!


Would you like to sing with us?

We're looking for singers, T1, S1 and A1, but all voices are welcome to contact us at:
info @

Our repertoire covers different genres and we rehearse in Linkoping on Wednesdays 18.30 - 21.00


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Are you looking for musical entertainment
for a wedding, party, or any other event?

The whole choir or a small group is available for this kind of events.
For more information, please send an email to: info @

Upcoming Performances

during 2022

Sunday September 18

POVEL RAMEL & his Karamelodikt scholarship holders

A trbute to Povel with a twist!
We will perform some of Povels own music and also some of his sholarshop holders music, for instance: Björn Skifs, Vibafemba, Magnus Uggla, Galenskaparna and Anne-Lie Rydé.

Ad Libitum
Camilla Sjöberg Friman - conductor
Göran Friman - piano
Kjell Silverwitt - guitar

Tina Ahlin
Maybe one more...

Cupolen, Linköping 

More information will come soon!


Thurday November 24

Ad Libitum celebrates Christmas

More information to come!

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